Character Development 2

I was asked by a reader to post another character “interview.” I decided to share Colton Hunter’s. Check out his Q&A below:

I picture Colton Hunter as a modern day Don Draper type, but with blond and gray streaked hair.

I picture Colton Hunter as a modern day Don Draper type, but with blond and gray streaked hair.

Colton Hunter Q&A:

The man entered the room carrying a small Styrofoam cup of liquid. His wore a navy blue tailored suit with a crisp white shirt. His dark brown shoes were immaculately buffed. Steam drifted from the cup as the man glanced at the interviewer. “This is this is the right place.” He says as he gently closed the door behind him. He smiled brightly at the interviewer. “Should I have a seat across from you at this table?” The interviewer smiled and nodded toward the chair. The man crossed the room and placed his cup on the table before pulling back the chair. He smoothly lowered himself in the chair and crossed his right leg over his left. He lifted the cup to his lips and sipped his drink. “Ah, nothing beats a good, strong cup of coffee.” He placed the cup back on the table before crossing his hands in front of the cup. His nails were just as neat and buff as his shoes. A glimmer of something shiny briefly flashed on his left wrist under his sleeve. Not a single strand of hair on his head was out of place. The man smiled at the interviewer. “Well friend, shall we begin?”

 Interviewer: Who are you?

Colton Hunter: [The man smiled] My name is Colton Hunter. I am the owner and founder of Hunter Industries. [He chuckled] I am sure you knew that once I walked through that door.

 Interviewer: What do you want more than anything Mr. Hunter?

 CH: Hmm… I think I have most of everything that I want. I’ve been very fortunate in my line of work.

Interviewer: Most of everything? Could you please explain?

CH: [He smiled before he took another sip of his coffee] Yes friend. Most. I’d love another boat, but that would just be greedy. [He winked at the interviewer before returning the cup to the table]

Interviewer: Come on Mr. Hunter. There must be something you want that’s more momentous than a boat. Even someone who seemingly has it all must still want more.

CH: Yes, one would think. However, like I stated, I’ve been very, very fortunate in my life. I’ve achieved my success with good old-fashioned hard work, [he paused] and admittedly with a bit of influence.

Interviewer: Influence?

CH: Yes. Influence. Once you’ve achieved my pinnacle of success, there is a certain level of clout, or influence, that naturally comes with the territory.

Interviewer: Sounds like influence is important to you since you mentioned it. [A moment of silence pervaded the room before the interviewer continued] Is that important to you Mr. Hunter? Would you want more influence?

CH: [He leaned back in his chair, placing his hands on his right thigh] Is this Q and A session on or off the record?

Interviewer: Off

CH: [He stared at the interviewer as he carefully decided which words to use] Since we are being candid, I’ll admit that having and maintaining influence is tantamount to maintaining my level of success. A myriad of fortuitous opportunities tend to fall my way due to my level of influence.

Interviewer: Is that more so due to influence or would you say due to power? From what you’ve just said I think it’s fair to say the words could be used interchangeably.

CH: [He flashed a wide grin] You tell me my friend. It’s your observation.

Interviewer: I’ll defer to you. I’m not the one being interviewed.

CH: Hmm. No. I think I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. What’s your next question?

 Interviewer: Ok. Since I’m drawing my own conclusions, how far would you go to keep your power?

 CH: [He heartily laughed. The interviewer patiently waited until Hunter’s laughter subsided] In keeping with your extrapolation, if I hypothetically wanted to maintain power, I think I’d do anything to keep it.

Interviewer: Anything?

CH: Yes. Anything. [He flashed another grin] Wouldn’t you since I’d assume power is… addictive, for lack of a better word. [He held up his hands] But what do I know? [He placed his hands back in his lap]

 Interviewer: Well, Mr. Hunter, why is power so important?

 CH: [He slightly raised his eyebrows] If we look at this from a purely philosophical perspective, power is somewhat analogous to control, right? So, once you have established power and therefore control over something, or even someone in some instances, then you have complete domination. You are free to do what you will with no objection. I’m assuming that must be a rush!

Interviewer: Even if that entails hurting people?

CH: [He shrugged] We all can’t be winners. Life is dichotomous; on the topic of power, there are few who have it and many more who do not have it. People get roughed up from time to time in order to maintain or establish power.

 Interviewer: Oh, ok. Um, how do you feel about the people in your life?

 CH: Everyone serves a purpose.

Interviewer: That sounds harsh.

CH: [He slightly tilted his head to the side] No. Maybe it does on the surface but not if you think about it. You have people who serve as lovers, people who serve as friends, people who serve as role models, etcetera. I think most everyone can relate to those relationships. With that being said, it’s fair to say that all those relationships serve a purpose in a one’s life.

Interviewer: That’s a mechanical way of looking at things. How do you feel about those people who fill those spaces in your life?

CH: So far I’m content.

Interviewer: Care to elaborate?

CH: No. I’d like to maintain an air of mystique. People are too open now. There’s no fun without mystery?

Interviewer: You live a high profile life.

CH: Yes and yet I show what I want to show. [He winked]

 Interviewer: Final question; how do you feel about yourself?

 CH: [Another wide grin] I love me and I am proud of all that I’ve achieved in my life. [He stood and smoothed the few wrinkles out of his pants and jacket] Well my friend, this was rather enjoyable. We should do this again sometime. [He grabbed his cup of coffee from the table and quietly exited the room]

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