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Twitter: A Place of Intrigue

Twitter: A Place of Intrigue

The Twitter world is fascinating. I wrote that random, perfunctory comment and for some reason many people either retweeted or set it as a favorite of theirs. I found that intriguing. Out of all the other tweets I’ve posted regarding Twisted, that for some reason tended to stand from the pack. That got me thinking; why did an offhanded remark about my story resonate with people?

The answer is simple; people like a good story. Ok, so what makes a story good? Drama of course! If the protagonist never goes through adversity or isn’t flawed in some way, then the story is dull. Who wants to read something about someone who never goes through something challenging, or, has some sort of major character flaw that always comes back to bite him in the ass (AJ)? Additionally, a character that never struggles is not reflective of real life. We’re all going through or have gone through something. What makes a story about a tortured character rewarding is seeing the character struggle while subsequently watching him find a way to overcome adversity as the story progresses.

So, for all of you writers out there, go ahead and take you characters through every imaginable form of hell you can (within reason and logic of your story of course!). I bet your story will be more compelling and enjoyable in the end.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. What makes a story interesting for you? Leave your comments here or find me on social media.

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