For Those Dumpy Days…

The G.O.A.T.

The G.O.A.T.

We all have them. Those days where you just feel like nothing is going your way or nothing is working out like you want it to. That pretty much sums up my mood these past couple of days.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m no marketing guru and trying to figure out how to market this little story I wrote is a massive pain in my ass. However, I don’t really have the luxury of paying someone to market this shit for me either. So, I’ve taken the last day and a half and I’ve just been dumpy, dumpy that my story isn’t being heard in a sea full of stories. Dumpy because I don’t really know what I’m doing. Dumpy that it seems tons of other books are promoted and discussed, but mine is in its own little corner of the market collecting cobwebs. Dumpy that I really haven’t tapped into a resource or network that I feel can truly help me figure all of this shit out. I was so down that I really didn’t felt like writing. Why bother? To hell with writing a sequel to Twisted if no one is going to read the first book anyway. That sentiment remained until I read the New York Magazine article about Serena Williams.

Everyone knows who Serena Williams is. She’s arguably the best female athlete of this era (I consider her the G.O.A.T.). With that being said, reaching that pinnacle of success doesn’t come without a bunch of shit. For example, she (and Venus) is constantly called a man, accused of juicing, slammed with racial slurs and epithets (hate is especially vehement on message boards) and every other negative comment you could possibly imagine. And yet, she (and Venus) perseveres on and off court. (I marvel at her mental tenacity on the court. It’s quite the sight to see.)

As the New York Magazine article stated, her mental fortitude and self-belief is off the scale. I agree. It has to be. In a sport where the majority is telling you that you’re not good enough and its pundits denigrating you every chance they get, you have no choice but to maintain a sense of inner belief. Upon reading that article, I felt inspired. I decided to stop wallowing in the dumps and try to tap into my own inner spring of resilience and self-belief.

Therefore, I pulled myself up by the metaphorical bootstraps and reminded myself of a few things: Twisted is a good story. Your book hasn’t even been on the market for a full month. Patience is a virtue. I need to persevere and keep seeking out methods that will help me promote my story and myself. It’s a big world out there. Someone is bound to think what I have to say is good.

So, with mindset anew, I’ve decided to start this day off with positive thoughts. Who cares if I didn’t do much preplanning in regards to marketing before the launch of Twisted? That’s in the past. All I can do now is learn from my mistakes and figure out what I can do from here moving forward. As Serena said in the article, “I don’t dwell in the past. If I do, I’ll be swallowed up my negativity.” Boy, if that’s not an accurate statement, I don’t know what is. If you have moments like what I shared in this post, remember that each day is new and different. If you stay mentally tough, focused, and patient, you’ll achieve your goal.

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