Sequel Update: Dealing With One Pesky Bad Boy

Jax Teller

As mentioned in a previous post, I haven’t felt like writing anything pertaining to the Twisted sequel lately. I thought that if I got my suspicions on why I didn’t feel like writing off my chest that it would help me, well, write something. Lo and behold, within a day or two of writing that post, my mojo returned. Sort of. However, it wasn’t the maniac, free flow that I was hoping for. Instead, the flow trickled; a sentence here, finesse as paragraph there. After doing that for a while, new ideas and scenes flooded my imagination and I sketched them out as best as I could at the time. While in the process of doing that, I once again focused on one of my main characters, which is not AJ (teaser!).

He’s the new guy on the block. He’s the inspiration behind the bad boys post (I see him as a personality combination of T.I. and “Jax Teller”, hence why I used Jax’s picture above) and he is still monopolizing my time. Poor AJ can barely utter a word before rude, obnoxious, and pretty damn… demanding “mystery man” inserts himself into the conversation. After enduring hours of his pestering, I finally relented to his demands and told more of the story from his POV. Still, he’s not happy with the time I’ve given him. He’s arguing that I’m not portraying his character well enough to the audience (“What audience?” I asked him. He crossed his arms over his chest and replied, “Just wait. You’ll see.” I love his confidence.) He thinks the story would be more compelling if I tell it strictly from his POV, to hell with AJ. He had his time in the first story. When I counter that there are people out there who like AJ and would like to see what happens to him from his perspective, he shuts me down, demanding that I keep spilling his prose on the pages. It’s his turn to shine, so he says. Well damn! What’s a girl to do? I’m over halfway through the story (I think) and if I were to tell it solely from his perspective, I’d have to do some major scene reconstruction (and omissions). Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m down for that. I really want to be done with this first draft. With that being said, I’m sure the story would pour out of me faster since he’s so damn demanding. He’d surely yak my ear off until the story is finished.

Now, I’m faced with a dilemma: should I keep the story in its current form (alternating POV between AJ and “mystery bad boy”), or should I tell the story entirely from said bad boy’s perspective? I’d love to hear feedback, especially from those of you who have read Twisted. Don’t act shy. I know Twisted readers stop by the blog! Should I cave to the demands of the “mystery guy”, or should I give AJ space to tell his story as well? Leave your comments below or find me on social media.


8 thoughts on “Sequel Update: Dealing With One Pesky Bad Boy

  1. I think you should switch it up. Who knows, it may lead to even more plot ideas and before you know it you may have a full fledged series on your hands!

  2. I like the dual point of view. I like the story as it is. Is an author supposed to write based on reader requests? Sometimes people don’t know what they want and what they like until they have it.
    Sure.. You want it to be bought but I’d love to hear from other authors about that balance. My non author opinion is that you need to tell your story true to your vision and make people care about the characters you write about. I think some of your author interviews mentioned that rough topic. I say write what you want the best you can and let the readers come as they may. I know they will come once they find it and that’s the belief you should have too.

  3. You should write what feels right to you. The characters come from within you so your the master of their destiny. You did a great job before just continue what your doing.

    • Thanks Cathy! I’m torn about it. I’m really not exaggerating when I say my “bad boy” character wants to completely take over the narrative. He thinks I’m oppressing him. 😉

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