Howdy! My name is Stephanie and I love writing fiction! Nothing beats putting characters in sticky situations, while watching them figure out how to get out of them. However, as a new indie author, I know how frustrating getting your voice out there can be! The frustration alone can zap energy from writing. I plan on using this blog to chronicle my journey in this brave (and somewhat daunting) new world of becoming an independent author. I’ll post helpful articles and tidbits I stumble across in the hopes that they too will help other new indie authors.

Aside from writing and self-publishing tidbits, I’ll also share stuff from around the web that I hope others will find interesting. For instance, I have an eclectic interest in genres which crosses over into music, books, and movies/t.v. shows. If I stumble upon awesome stuff, I’ll be sure to share! Make sure to follow me on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook!

Twitter: @twistedgreenz

Facebook: facebook.com/twistedgreens

Google+ : google.com/+SMDahman


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