Meet Dr. Alice

Mallory Archer from the show “Archer” is loosely my inspiration for Dr. Alice.

Dr. Alice Jameson Q&A:

A slender woman with a salt and pepper bob enters the room carrying a briefcase. She’s wearing a pinstriped suite and a pair of low-heeled pumps. A strand of pearls encircles her neck. She closes the door behind her. “Hello. I am here to answer a few questions.” She says as she walks over to the chair in front of the table. She sits in the chair and crosses her legs placing her briefcase on the floor next to the chair. She smoothes the lapel of her jacket as she speaks to the interviewer. “Ok dear. This meeting needs to move as swiftly as possible. I have an appointment that I must attend in less than 45 minutes.”

Interviewer: Who are you?

Dr. Alice Jameson: [She straightens herself in the chair. Her posture was perfect, straight back and chest out. Her hands lay neatly on the table.] I am Dr. Alice Jameson. I think you may have heard my name in passing somewhere. You may call me Dr. Alice if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Interviewer: What do you want more than anything Dr. Alice?

Dr. Alice: [She chuckles] My heavens! That’s an intimate question! Is this some sort of psychological probe?

Interviewer: No. They’re just general questions.

Dr. Alice: Well, if I must answer this question, I’d have to say that I want my family members to be the best that they can be. I want them to reach their full potential. Honestly, it is the same desire that I have for my clients or anyone who looks to me for guidance and motivation.

Interviewer: Would you like to elaborate on that desire?

Dr. Alice: I don’t think I could make myself any clearer dear.

Interviewer: Ok. Well, How far would you go to help your family reach their full potential?

Dr. Alice: Anything within my power. After all, I am a competent psychiatrist. [She smiles broadly]

Interviewer: What does reaching their full potential look like from your perspective?

Dr. Alice: Well, my daughter Sage is well on her way to success. She’s doing well in her first year of law school. It’s my son and husband who need all the coddling. I’m sure you’re familiar with my husband’s predicament. He just needs to elevate his self-esteem and confidence and then he’ll achieve the same success, if not greater, that he did with Atlanta Skylights. My son needs discipline and guidance. I think he with the proper guidance, he will reach his full potential.

Interviewer: Why is the success of your family members so important to you?

Dr. Alice: I think that’s obvious. Would you not want the best for your loved ones?

Interviewer: How do you feel about the people in your life?

Dr. Alice: Are we speaking of my family, or are you inquiring about my sentiments regarding work colleagues, friends, and others?

Interviewer: Your choice.

Dr. Alice: In the interests of time, I’ll limit my reflection to my family. I love my husband and children, which is why I want what’s best for them. I feel that my son can be a headache at times. He has quite the rebellious streak. However, I think that can be channeled into something constructive. I feel resentment towards my husband at times. He is wallowing in his depression, which is entirely unhealthy. I wish I could snap him out of it somehow. My daughter is doing well. You know dear, in all honesty, I feel the proudest of her. [She looks down to check the time on her watch]

Interviewer: Finally Dr. Alice, How do you feel about yourself?

Dr. Alice: I feel wonderful! I’m accomplished, have a great career, what more could I ask for in life?